Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Suddenly 17 is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Seventeen: the number of sickles in one Galleon. Shout-out to JK Rowling for this little gem.

“Edge of Seventeen” one iconic tune from one rock legend Stevie Knicks. Take a bow Stevie.  On the flip side, chart topping teenage sensation Billie Eillish is 17 years old (yep, believe it). 

Let’s get spiritual. The number 17 is responsible for, insight, responsibility, self-discipline, strength, compassion, spiritual consciousness, and wisdom, a desire for peace and love for all of humanity. I instantly feel better...

Do you have a fear of the number 17? The you would have heptadecaphobia. Who knew, right?

Okay. Last one, I promise. 17 percent of biographies on Wikipedia are written about women. Hold up – say what? 17? Only 17? Suddenly 17 is memorable for the wrong reasons.

Boom. Carol Shih’s article explores the why that surrounds this number. Another insight that exposes another gender gap. People: The gender gap is real and present and all around us. Recognising the gap is the start of this conversation - a conversation that works to reduce the gap and drive equality. 

And if this is a numbers game, then let’s make it about the 33. The 33 percentage points missing from Wikipedia. 

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