So what's in a colour?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Is colour, which is itself free and fluid, constrictive and defining?

There is no ill intent in having a pastel pink wardrobe for a baby girl – it’s so cute and soft and lovely… and if it’s a boy: cue strong blue and bold colours. Already I am astounded with the adjectives I have used to describe girls and boys. But that’s my point: I want these words to be used for girls and boys not girls or boys.

What chance are we giving our tiny humans to be their true version of themselves if, from the onset, they are exposed to colours with the sole intent of demonstrating their gender?

If, from day one the only thing they are [able] to communicate is their gender through a colour bestowed upon them by what society deems as normal?

Above all else, as a parent our primary goal is to provide a safe and positive environment that enables the growth of our child into a good person. Remember that: a person – not a man, not a woman – a person. To provide an environment, that is free and fluid and without so-called societal norms and boundaries that may stifle growth and discovery: two crucial contributors into our tiny humans make-up.

Let’s not let colour which is indeed free and fluid be constrictive and defining.

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