Keeping it together: Me + My Spanx

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

What part of me is my Shapewear really shaping?

Spanx have been with me from day dot of my corporate life. And boy have they been good to me. They have been through promotions, interviews, meetings and company announcements. Through the cold Melbourne winters and even those hot summer days. They may as well be painted on (I have all the colours on rotation).

They make me feel great and confident. And keep things together (in more ways than one!). They’ve helped conceal pregnancies and made me feel good again after pregnancies. They are like my second skin.  

Have Spanx become so much part of my attire that I can’t do anything without them? What is it about Spanx that make me feel like I simply have it all together? And in this big bad corporate world I seek success in, is that really such a bad thing? After all, people need to trust my expertise - so if have it together that adds validity to my work.

In the now, I applaud the work towards trying to shift the conversation about body image. I actively want to be part of this movement.  It's time and this must happen if we want our girls to grow up loving their unique and non-conforming image.

But have I allowed this (sometimes!) constrictive item of clothing shape my perceived ideal of what it takes to believe in myself to succeed? Am I simply upholding an image of what I think it takes to succeed in this world?

The point is that the addition of Spanx helps my confidence; yet my education reminds me that my knowledge, ability and intelligence should boost my confidence instead – especially in the workplace.

What part of me is my shapewear really shaping? And is it enough that I am simply aware of this contradiction? Will I be able to articulate this deep need to my daughter? And what will she make of this? After all, she too thinks they are painted on.

One thing I do (unapologetically) know for sure: Me and my Spanx, we got this.

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