When did we get so busy?

When did everyone have so much to do that busy was the only way to describe you, your day and your week?

How are you? Busy.
How was your day? Busy.
How’s your week look? Busy

When did everyone get so damn busy? Don’t blink, you might miss something. When did everyone have so much to do that busy was the only way to describe you, your day and your week?

Not for a moment am I undermining the fact that our lives are jam packed with important things to be done – parenting, working, commitments and all the good stuff than make our lives meaningful. But that’s probably my point.

We are so committed to doing things. But are we doing them well? And with purpose? Perhaps we get over-immersed in the busy and we fail to appreciate the worth and even our own worth and contribution. We judge ourselves on the level of busy. Because if we are not busy we are lazy – right? And the only thing worse than being busy is lazy – right?

Maybe we need to think about the stop. Stop and enjoy a moment in time. I know this for sure, we won’t get it again. If we stopped doing so much perhaps this would actually give us more time to be better at all these things that make us busy. A better mother, a better partner, a better friend, a better colleague.

I don’t believe that being busy is a measure of our contribution. In fact, it probably means we are not nearly as effective due to our reduced focus. Remember, you are busy right?

In the fast-paced, competitive, over-communicated, over-connected world we live in, let’s stop and aspire to some different answers when we define our lives.


How are you? Well [insert grateful smile]
How was your day? Great [insert reflective smile]
How’s your week look? Exciting [insert thoughtful smile]

Because maybe your busy means you are able to do all these things. Awesome. But maybe we need to redefine the pace and what we value most in our busy. Understand where our energy is best spent. Understand what gives us most joy and meaning. It’s not worth the busy if we don’t have time to stop.

Remember those roses? Try smelling them. They are divine.

You’ll just need to stop first.

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